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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

The purposes of FMEA include, but are not limited to,

Assessing the potential technical risk of product or process failure,

Analyzing the causes and effects of failure,

Documenting preventive and detection measures

Making recommendations for risk reduction measures.

FMEA is a technology widely used in the field of automotive manufacturing, combined with the characteristics of the rubber hot water bag industry, our company fully implemented FMEA. Just as the automotive manufacturing field is divided into DFMEA and PFMEA, we also subdivide FMEA into DFMEA and PFMEA

DFMEA represents the pre-order communication stage of hot water bags, and PFMEA represents the production and manufacturing stage of hot water bags

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of the real needs of customers in the order communication stage, we must also consider the legal requirements, industry standards, and technical requirements of hot water bags.

Factors must be taken into account during the production phase

Personnel: Operators, equipment maintenance personnel have been trained, whether there is enough physical ability to complete the job

Machine/equipment: whether the hot water bag production equipment can work normally, and whether the quality test equipment is within the validity period

Materials: Whether the quantity of key raw materials is sufficient and the formula is correct

Environment: whether the waste gas recovery and treatment equipment is working properly, and whether the waste is stored in a special site and recycled by a qualified third party

Test: Whether the tension test values are normally recorded, whether the hot water bags produced in each shift are sent for quality testing, and whether the inflatable leak detection process is normal

FMEA along with risk management and process control are important tools to ensure the smooth delivery of our rubber hot water bag orders

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