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About us

It is our mission to fulfill global Hot water bottle requirements and continue producing sustainable hot water bottle, ice bag products from the formulation to the packaging, reduce energy emissions, create strong relationships with our clients, and invest in the communities around us.

BoFaTe International specializes in streamlining private labeling hot water bottle and ice bags. We provide you with the highest-quality raw materials and finished hot water bottles. With an expert hot water bottle team walking with you in every step of the manufacturing process, launching your own custom branded line of hot water bottles can be a reality.

Who We Are

With 37 years of experience in hot water bottle mould design, manufacturing and repair, Bin Li family is one of the leaders behind the scene in the hot water bottle industry.

We have partnered with well-known and startup brands, supplying them with customized hot water bottle to elevate their brands to the next level.

With state-of-the-art machinery, a skilled workforce, and innovative formulations, we offer worldwide industry coverage. We have three partnered manufacturing facilities in Yangzhou, with teams of experts who continue to push their limits, so we could meet the unique needs and demands of each of our clients.

The Next Big Thing in Hot Water Bottle

Rubber hot water bottle industry continue evolving.  Our teammates are always working on creating products that are not only of high-quality but are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

It doesn’t matter whether the quantity is big or small — we always do our best to help you and your brand.

Hot Water bottle Supply Chain Management

We are able help our clients not only make better decisions and start automate key functions but what we really giving them intelligence they need to optimize their supply chain and drive trust & transparency.

The Advantage of Working with US

Strengthen your brand with a collection of specialized hot water bottles products with high reliability, resulting in high margins, strong returns, and customer loyalty.

Here are other benefits you can get from partnering with us:

Brand Loyalty

What is better than your clients going back for more because they are satisfied.

Increased Market Share

You can focus on building your sales channels to increase your sales while we take good care of the manufacturing.

Brand Equity

Selling your own product line not only increases your sales and profits but also your value.


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