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1. Where is your company located?

We are located in Shiqiao Town, Yangzhou City, which is the concentrated area of China's rubber Hot water bottle industry. The distance from here to Shanghai port is about 350 kilometers。

2. What are the options for the outer packaging of the hot water bottle?

Regarding the outer packaging of the hot water bag we offer many options, such as OPP bag, CPP bag, gift box, PVC bag, PE bag, paper sleeve

3. Why your loading port is Yangzhou port instead of Shanghai port?

Usually the loading port of LCL is Shanghai, and there are 2 cases for FCL. Before August 2021, there were many FCLs in Shanghai Port. After August 2022, due to the large-scale outbreaks in Yangzhou and Shanghai, the prices of logistics trucks have risen sharply, so Yangzhou Port has become a more economical choice.

4. Why are blue and purple hot water bottles more expensive than red hot water bottles?

The dyes of hot water bags are divided into two types: domestic and imported. Usually red and white are domestic dyes, while purple and blue are imported. The final ex-factory price differs by about 0.1CNY

5. Why is yours bigger than other Chinese suppliers for the same 2L hot water bottle size?

This is very complicated when it comes to the size and volume of the hot water bottle. The true BS1970:2012 hot water bottle is divided into two incompatible sizes, standard 2.2 Liter and standard 2 Liter. About India hot water bottle, there are 2 different sizes, standard 2 Liter and small 2 Liter.

6. Why does your Hot water bottle cover sample not match our current hot water bottle very well?

The hot water bottle is divided into 3 categories according to the price, namely India hot water bottle, fake BS hot water bottle, real BS hot water bottle. The mold of each hot water bottle is different, and the bottom is divided into round bottom and flat bottom. In addition, Many China supplier label the small 2 Liter hot water bottle (1.6-1.75 Liter) as standard 2 Liter. Therefore, after changing the supplier, it is normal to find that the size and volume of the hot water bottle and covers are inconsistent with the previous supplier.

7. We only import hot water bottle in China, hot water bottle cover is imported from other countries and we are concerned about environmental health and do not want to use common packaging materials. May I ask what packaging options can you offer?

In this case to save cost and we usually use isolation paper.

8. Since our hot water bottle cover is made of wool, we do not want to wipe silicone oil on the surface of the hot water bottle to prevent contamination of the hot water bottle cover. What is your opinion?

No problem.

9. May I ask the technical parameters of the silicone oil you use?

We use Dimethyl Silicone Oil 201 wipe hot water bottle before and cushion before delivery. https://www.guidechem.com/msds/9006-65-9.html this is detailed data sheet.

10. Can you provide colored screw stopper?

No Problem

11. What is the MOQ of the rubber ice pack?

Whether it is oval or round rubber ice bag, the MOQ is 2000pcs

12. Regarding the hot water bag carton, our company's requirement is that it must be firm and reliable. What kind of carton can you provide?

There are 2 options for reinforced cartons, the first is a normal 7-layer corrugated box, and the other is a reinforced 5-layer corrugated box. The second can save container space

13. We have received some complaints about screw stoppers broken can you avoid this if we buy from you?

Usually this happens in real BS hot water bottles, we can use integral injection molding screw stopper to avoid breakage.


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