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Private Label

Creating your own label Hot water bottle line has never been this easy

We are rubber hot water bottle industry experts with over 37 years experience. BoFaTe International streamlines the process so you can start your own hot water bottle brand hassle and worry-free. Our team is here to make your vision into a reality.

BoFaTe International rubber hot water bottle manufacturing process

Start your private label / OEM / ODM in easy 5 steps

We offer extensive customization so your product perfectly aligns with your brand and vision. And we make these steps as easy as 1-2-3:


Whether you have all the elements in your product or still trying to figure out what you want, our team of consultants are here to help you elevate your brand to the next level. We will guide you about our products in every category.


You can choose from our existing OEM hot water bottle products, or you can tell us what you want. We have an extensive formulation with premium ingredients.

Label and Packaging

Let our team of designers bring your brand to life. We can assist your team. After that, we will help you with the packaging because details are everything. What kind of container, closures, product boxes, etc. do you want?


BoFaTe International follows strict manufacturing and quality control processes. We do not leave anything to chance, but we put quality checks in every level of the manufacturing process — from choosing the raw materials to packaging the finished hot water bottles.

Delivery and Logistics

BoFaTe International is a full-service partner. That means we can also provide qualified export certification materials. This is our commitment to a seamless and hassle-free service. After that, delivery will be made within 7-15 days upon receipt of all packing materials.

Who Do We Help

Our customers range from big, established brands to brick and mortar stores:

Medical supply company


Houseware product company

Promotional product company

Sports product company

Government Department

Start ups


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