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KN4006, the key to high quality natural rubber hot water bottle

KN4006 high-quality naphthenic rubber oil is mainly used in the production of high-end shoe materials and adhesives with thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material. It is an ideal rubber oil for the production of high-grade daily life and sanitary rubber. It is also widely used in natural rubber, Styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and EPM rubber and other white or colored rubber products in the production.

Excellent appearance color: The appearance of KN4006 high quality naphthenic rubber oil product is water white, clear and transparent, no fluorescence, no peculiar smell.

Very low dimethyl sulfoxide extract content (DMSO): According to relevant European laws, when the content of dimethyl sulfoxide extract is greater than 3%, it needs to be marked (carcinogenic tendency). The dimethyl sulfoxide of KN4006 high quality naphthenic rubber oil The content of sulfoxide extract is far less than 3%, no labeling is required, which is harmless to human health and the environment.

Excellent low temperature performance: high viscosity and low pour point make the rubber oil filled into the rubber to enhance the physical properties and cold resistance of the oil-extended rubber, and it also makes storage and transportation simple and convenient in cold winter.

Excellent light and thermal stability: As the aromatic content of KN4006 high-quality naphthenic rubber oil is extremely low, the %CA value can be controlled at 0, so it has better oxidation resistance and fade resistance.

Very low evaporation loss: It greatly reduces the oil and gas density in the operating space, ensures the health of the operators and the safety of production, and makes the actual oil filling capacity meet the requirements of the designed oil filling capacity.

Lower content of polar substances: The content of nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and other heterocyclic compounds of KN4006 high quality naphthenic rubber oil is controlled at a very low level, effectively avoiding the fading, aging and aging of oil-extended rubber products caused by these substances. Under sunlight, the polymer cracks, which meets the requirements of users to the greatest extent.

Very high content of naphthenic hydrocarbons: In the carbon structure analysis, the typical value of %CN is greater than 40.

Excellent rubber compatibility: The extremely high content of cycloalkane makes the rubber oil filled into the rubber to show good compatibility, can be filled with rubber in large quantities, and greatly reduces the production cost of rubber products.

Excellent physical properties of oil-extended rubber: Excellent compatibility determines that in the production of oil-extended rubber products, the processing process becomes easier and can effectively prevent the spraying of rubber additives, so that the oil-extended rubber products perform well. Physical and mechanical properties.

Good stability: Excellent compatibility with rubber is also reflected in the excellent stability of oil-extended rubber products. Rubber products filled with KN4006 high-quality naphthenic rubber oil will not leak oil after long-term use.

Wide range of uses: It can be used as a synthetic filler oil in synthetic rubber plants, and as a processing oil or softener used by rubber products companies. It is one of the most widely used rubber oil products in the high-end rubber oil market.



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