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Wheat bags

  • Wheat bags eye pillows and eye masks
  • Wheat bags eye pillows and eye masks
Wheat bags eye pillows and eye masksWheat bags eye pillows and eye masks

Wheat bags eye pillows and eye masks

  • wheat bags
  • eye pillows
  • Microwavable heaing pad
  • eye mask
  • Product description: Microwavable heating pad is excellent option for should and neck pain release

Wheat bags eye pillows and eye mask are products that make people feel relaxed and happy. There are many different similar products circulating in the market, big size called wheat bag and small size called eye pillow also called microwavable heating pad.

There is no standard for the size of eye pillow and wheat bag, and the size of each brand is different. In the European market eye pillow sizes include 20cm x 16cm, 21.59cm x 10.16cm, 23cm x 10cm, 20.32cm x 11.43cm, 20.32cm x 12.7cm, 23cm x 12cm, 20cm x 12cm, 10.795cm x 30.48cm, 10.16cm x 27.94cm, 20.32cm x 10.16cm

The weight distribution of each brand of eye pillow is also very wide, include 135g, 160g, 180g, 200g, 250g, 260g, 280g, 300g. In order to improve work efficiency and meet the requirements of different customers, we use accurate metering filling equipment to ensure accurate weight.

Compared with Hot water bottle cover, eye pillow and wheat bags products are characterized by small orders, large product differences, flexible business models, and rich surface patterns. These characteristics require fast response, flexibility, and ability to deal with small batches orders.

The pattern on the surface of the eye pillow is almost a magic weapon to attract consumers, but the cost of making a beautiful pattern is not small at all. Some importers purchase only 500-1000 pieces for each eye pillow and wheat bags, according to this quantity, it is far from reaching the minimum order quantity of the textile factory, and additional fabric dyeing payment must be made, If the customer only order 1 pattern eye pillow, then it doesn’t cost much, but if the customer buys 10 different pattern eye pillows, the cost will be very large. In the face of this situation, we will use thermal transfer and screen printing to reduce the cost of making patterns for small batch orders, if it is faux fur fabric, then use digital embroidery equipment.

There are also many customers who order a pure-color eye pillow, without any patterns on the surface, and the difficulty of this order is much less.

Most of the eye pillows and wheat bags are rectangular but there are many other shapes, If it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of fabric cutting by using electric scissors and manual scissors, we use laser cutting to ensure that customers' creativity and concepts are not affected in the actual production process to the greatest extent.

There are also many options for fillers, In the domestic market, there are more choices of filling Chinese traditional medicinal materials such as cassia, saffron, peach kernel, Chuanwu, and Caowu. The pad fillers exported abroad are mainly buckwheat, wheat, cherry stone, lavender, silica gel, grape seed, tourmaline, rice, can also apply essential oils.

Regarding the fabric, you can use natural cotton, canvas, corduroy, super soft, crystal super soft, flannel, rabbit fur, PV fabric, princess cloth with soft nap, cotton and linen, etc. You can buy almost any fabric that the designer thinks of. It must be pointed out that many eye pillows made of faux fur fabrics are also called eye masks (equipped with straps). This eye pillow does not have fillers, and many consumers will not use microwave ovens to heat them so they do not need to reach BS 8433:2004 Microwavable personal warmers and AS/NZS 5116-2016 Microwavable heat packs - Wheat and other organic filling materials.

Eye pillow is also divided into three types. The first one is for importers to buy the finished eye pillow and wheat bags/eye mask. This is the most popular way to buy. The second is the most complicated, Chinese suppliers only provide semi-finished products, namely outer covers, and when customers receive the outer covers, they will do the filling and final sewing work by themselves. This business model is very convenient for customers to declare Made in their own country, such as Made in New Zealand and Made in Australia. The third mode is to separately order liners with fillings and different styles of outer covers. Try to imagine that consumers can use different styles of outer covers every day for a week, which saves the budget and enriches their lives.

According to different customers' purchasing habits and operating modes, there are many types of sewing. The outer cover can have different sewing methods such as sewing, hemming, zippers, buttons, etc. Some brands of wheat bags have a sewing thread in the middle part to divide the wheat bags into two halves, many neck and shoulder pillows have more sewing threads to divide the product into multiple parts. The main reasons for this are as follows the first point is that the product itself looks fuller. The second reason is that when the wheat bags are divided into multiple areas, the heat dissipation time after the microwave oven is heated longer. The third reason is the heat loss caused by the flow of the textile fillings.

There is another situation that needs special attention. Customers and suppliers have a little different understanding of the surface pattern of wheat bags. There are small differences between the pattern produced in the pattern design software and the actual pattern. In order to minimize the time delay caused by the small color difference in this pattern and ensure the timely delivery of the order, we can make many sample fabrics and number them for customers to choose by themselves.



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