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Key point of first time import hot water bag from China supplier

Rubber hot water bag project key point

Background: first time buy rubber hot water bag from China, has no shipping agent at China, LCL, mix other product with other suppliers before send container to loading port.

1. Hot water bag model selection

0.75L / 1L / 1.5L / 2L / 2.5L with handle

2. Hot water bag quality level selection

Most cheap 22% rubber, can use 12 months

Or 30% rubber, 35% rubber, 55% rubber

Need check local market before make final decision use which quality level rubber hot water bag

3. LOGO customer made

Logo position on the center of hot water bag body, making mould, charge mould cost

Logo position on the top of hot water bag, no extra mould cost

4. Color

Red, orange, blue, white - all smae color or mixed color?

5. Package

Cpp, opp, hang hole, paper card, paper sleeve?

LOGO printing on the plastic bag? Warning words? Company information?

Carton printing information, front LOGO company information? Side G.W / N.W, size, quantity information?


Barcode or Importer information such as company name, email address, phone number?

6. Quality testing process

Inflate and maintain pressure for 10-12 hours to test for leakage, Automobile pressure

7. Special formulations for special quality maintenance

8. Documents

Complete set of customs declaration documents for each supplier

Bill of Lading copy & packing list & Invoice send to Pakistan agent via email

FOB P.I – CFR P.I (before balance payment, and sea shipping cost confirmed)

Destination port customs clearance agent information

Technical data sheet

Pallet? Fumigation? Dangerous goods certificate? MSDS certificate? Dangerous Goods packing certificate? Does it contain alcohol? How many suppliers?

9. Bill of Lading

Original or telex release

Free time, shipping cost shows on the Bill of Lading?


Company name:

Phone number:


Tax number:

Notify Party

Company name:

Phone number:


Tax number:

Delivery agent contact

Company name:

Phone number:


Tax number:

10. Smuggling, concealing and deceiving customs

After receiving the goods from the other supplier to the Yangzhou factory, we will open some of the cartons for inspection

11. Container Loading plan

In rubber hot water bag industry, loading container involve no pallet, no Wrap film, carton only!

Different size hot water bag, with or without cover will cause different size carton size then CBM is different!

12. Loading port selection

Yangzhou port or Shanghai Port?

compare total amounf CFR destination port loading at Yangzhou and Shanghai

13. Payer/Source of Payment

Company name:

Phone number:


Tax number:

14. Payment term: 30% deposit, rest balanced before delivery

Regarding sea shipping cost, charge to importer or split with other China supplier?

15. Cost

Other China suppliers freight forwarding cost allocation

Charges in China (excluding customs declaration charges)/Total CBM in container x CBM of other supplier + customs declaration charges + Bill of Lading telex release

Other suppliers product carton in the hot water bag factory loading and unloading costs

Allocation of sea shipping freight

Total shipping cost / total CBM in container x each supplier product CBM

The CBM and G.W of the goods from other suppliers determine the CBM, quantity and price of our hot water bags

Hot water bag mold cost

Plastic bag printing mold cost

16. Time frame

A. First order run delivery time

Mould (If need make mould) - Factory mass production - Yangzhou Port - destination port

Around 15 days                          around 35 days             2-3 days               ?

B. Annual order allocation

Total order quantity

Quantity of each type of hot water bag per order

Sales time, hot selling and normal selling time- transportation time - production time – P.I signing time

C. Sales volume assessment

How many pcs hot water bag sold at hot selling season?

How many pcs hot water bag sold at normal selling season?

D. Time point

Every year, 5 -10 days before the start of the Chinese New Year national holiday - about 10 days after the end of the Spring Festival holiday is the rest time of the hot water bag factory, not working. The total vacation is about 20-30 days. Please check this time point before arrange order.

E. Other supplier product arrive factory before loading container 1-2 days

17. Other related product

Hot water bottle cover / fleece cover, plush cover……

Different sales channel different customer different design such as plush animal toy hot water bag cover

18. Why can you trust me?

Military vehicle engine assembly engineer, certificates, Company reputation, customer feedback, Perfect process control



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