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2023 Rubber Hot Water Bag Industry Update

All hot water bag importers must pay attention to the quality of hot water bags imported from China in 2023, 2023 is very different from previous years, the quality of the situation very prominent, especially the cheap hot water bags.

International orders after the Chinese New Year holidays in 2023 have dropped a lot compared to previous years, and this situation has brought many problems.

1. the factory's operating mode has changed, in order to cope with the reduced orders many factories shortened workers' working hours, from the previous 6 hours of work and 6 hours of rest and then 6 hours of work and then 6 hours of rest to 6 hours of work and 12 hours of rest.

2. More vacant equipment becomes available and equipment running time is reduced.

3. Rubber, chemical additives and other raw materials are stored much longer

4. Many small factories lacking orders just shut down and running again once get order from trading company.

5. Loss of workers

6. Increased factory operating costs, especially for shutdown factories that receive orders and then turn on equipment again to prepare for production, electricity, tooling costs, etc.

7. Some factory owners will compress costs in order to increase profits.

In summary, the quality of all the hot water bags produced after February 2023  may be concentrated in the late outbreak.



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