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The price controversy of ordinary hot water bottle and the most honest inside information from the supplier's point of view

The core content of this article is to answer the questions of many importers, why the same hot water bags has different prices? The Hot water bottle / bag we talk about is mainly India hot water bag, this kind hot water bottle circulating at many countries around the world.

I used to often encounter importers discussing the price of the same hot water bottle, this time the customer provided the invoice and I also know the details of the supplier and manufacturer, and I used to have carton photos of this customer's product, so I use this case to illustrate the current tricks of Chinese hot water bottle suppliers to deceive customers. This article can be seen as an extension of another article: India hot water bag supply chain truth at China.

On June 7, 2022, when I was browsing the Google website, I found a photo of a hot water bottle on the website of a company in South America, so I contacted the boss of the company and conducted in-depth communication on whatsapp. As usual, this boss sent me pictures for a quote. An interesting scene happened here. Following is some screenshots of our discussion on whatsapp, I have covered some information.

The best-selling hot water bottles in all markets is always 2L hot water bottle, but many importers do not know that 2L hot water bottle is divided into standard 2 Liter hot water bag and small 2 Little hot water bag(1.6-1.7Liter). The raw materials, chemical formula, and production equipment of these two hot water bags are exactly the same, and the vulcanization time is exactly the same. The difference is only the size of the mold. The small 2 Liter hot water bag is a little shorter than the standard 2 Liter hot water bag, and the width and thickness are exactly the same.

It is precisely because the size is smaller so the total cost is also a little less, so many Chinese hot water bottle suppliers use small 2 Liter hot water bag instead of standard 2 Liter hot in their quotations to importers. When importers are discussing prices with Chinese trading companies, they should discuss whether they are discussing standard 2 Liter hot water bags or small 2 Liter hot water bags.

Regarding the heat sink on the surface of the hot water bottle, the description on many companies' websites is also called rib, ribbed hot water bottle. In Shiqiao Town, we call it the heat sink. The main function of the heat sink is to prevent hot hands, which is a very traditional design. Many previous designs have been phased out on the market over the past few years, including two-way heat sinks that extend all the way to the edge, especially heat sink outside of filling aperture.

The question involved here is to choose an outdated design or to choose a design that is currently mainstream in the market? I personally recommend importers to choose designs that are currently mainstream in the market. Don't worry that the new design is more expensive than the old design. Hot water bags are mainly divided into 3 price categories, the most expensive is the BS1970:2012 hot water bag, the middle price is the fake BS hot water bag, and the cheapest is India hot water bag. Each All kinds of hot water bottles manufacturing by fixed raw materials, chemical formula, thickness, vulcanization process and so on. In the same category, the price of a hot water bottle of a new design is the same as that of an old design.

The hot water bottle factory discards the mold of the old design and will not continue to produce the old design hot water bottle unless the order quantity is particularly attractive.

So far the importer has been misled by his supplier in at least two ways. At the very beginning, the boss told me his hot water bottle is 35% rubber content and body thickness was 1.5mm. He showed me the Invoice sent to him by the supplier, which recorded in detail rubber 35%, and stamped by the manufacturer.

The current market situation is that India hot water bag body thickness is 1.2mm, rubber content 21%-22%.The price of this kind of hot water bag is highly consistent in the market, another India hot water bag is ultra-low price with basically no guarantee of quality, rubber content around 18%.When I saw the amount on the invoice it was clear to me until the boss was cheated by his supplier who claimed to have been importing hot water bottles since 1994. I am very familiar with the supplier on the invoice. He is a notorious soho. Most of the factory owners here does not touch his order, and the few factories he cooperates with have a bad reputation

To avoid pointless discussions, I suggested that he cut out the hot water bottle and measure the body thickness, I also cut the same hot water bottle to measure the thickness to show him, then everything is clear. Regarding the rubber content 35%, fake BS hot water bottle rubber content is also 21-22%, How could it be the real 35% at that super low price.

The ultra-low-cost hot water bottle compresses the cost to the extreme, the hand feelings is really bad, and the hot water bottle feels very thin. So how much is the price of this hot water bottle cheaper than the market price?  The answer is about 0.2CNY, which is almost negligible.

To measure the quality of hot water bottle products, we should not only look at the weight, the surface finish the mold, chemical formula, making equipment and process must be comprehensively judged. Many importers are cheated by exporters for a long time, some importers can feel the difference between our hot water bottle and other companies' hot water bottles immediately after touching our samples.



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