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How does the hot water bottle factory work?

The employees of the Hot water bottle factory are divided into regular employees and temporary employees.

According to the job positions, it is divided into vulcanizer operators,hot water bottle bottem welders, packers, formulating personnel, rubber mixing personnel, auxiliary personnel, bosses, mold personnel, financial personnel, and quality management personnel

Vulcanizer operator: directly operate the vulcanizer to produce the body of the hot water bottle

Bottem welder: specialize in operating the bottem welding machine to weld the bottem of the hot water bottle

Packer: Responsible for plugging the hot water bottle and putting the hot water bottle into the different materials packaging bag and corrugated box

Formulator: match many different raw materials in a certain proportion

Rubber mixing personnel: Cut the natural rubber and mix the formula with the rubber and then get finished rubber materials.

Auxiliary staff: responsible for transporting the manufactured rubber to the workshop or air-conditioned room and entering the pre-production state

Boss: Responsible for adjusting the vulcanizer, mold, etc.

Mold personnel: Not every factory has specialized mold personnel. This part of the job is part-time production management function

Financial staff: Many factories do not have financial staff, and this part of the work is outsourced

Quality management personnel: Many factories do not have dedicated quality management personnel, and the boss is responsible for this part of the work too.

Whether the factory buys insurance for employees and whether the turnover rate of employees is high are very important. As for temporary workers, most factories will have many temporary workers.

The contact window of the hot water bottle factory are natural rubber suppliers, various chemical raw material suppliers, scew stopper/filling aperture suppliers, loading and unloading service suppliers, corrugated cardboard box suppliers, banks, ports

When the trading company and the factory signed a contract, the factory began to prepare raw materials according to the order requirements and then began to make hot water bottles. After the hot water bottle is made, the hot water bottle will be packed into the packaging bag/instruction provided by the trading company, and then loaded into the corrugated box. Finally, the staff of the loading and unloading service provider will load the full hot water bottle into the truck.

If the hot water bottle of BS1970:2012 is produced, the tensile force of the hot water bottle must be tested every shift.

All hot water bottle factories operate 24 hours a day, and the vulcanizer operators have 6 hours each shift, 4 shifts a day. Workers go home for 6 hours and rest for 6 hours and then come back to work for 6 hours, and so on.

Some factory owners have also running their own trading companies (a small number) after setting up their factories, and some factories are integrated with production & trade (a small number).

At present, at least 95% of hot water bottle factories have poor reputation and credit. Many suppliers (screw stopper, filling aperture, plastic hook) often pay hot water bottle factories at the door of the factory in order to obtain payment in time. There are many high-quality suppliers (Hot water bottle cover, gift box, paper instruction, opp/cpp bag) that do not directly do business with hot water bottle factories, but are purchased by trading companies and sent to hot water bottle factories.



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