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How does the hot water bottle trading company work and their fatal flaws

Hot water bottle trading companies can be divided into trading companies in Yangzhou city and trading companies outside Yangzhou city such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu. We mainly discuss the hot water bottle trading company in Yangzhou area.

Usually these hot water bottle trading companies are staffed as boss + salesperson + accountant + documentation specialist(Merchandiser) + front desk. Many small trading companies do not have accounting or documentation personnel. They outsource the accounting work and let the sales staff take care of the documentation of their orders. The sales staff with the largest number of positions are usually also called sales managers.

The daily work content of the salesperson includes uploading a certain number of products (at least 50) in Alibaba stores, sending a certain number of business development letters (at least 50), replying to inquiries on Alibaba, via email, wechat, whatsapp, Software such as skype follows up with the intentional orders. This part of the work must be done every day when there is no order. Other work content also includes clean the office and the office of the boss, meet to discuss the order situation, share work experience, etc.

When the customer confirms the order and pays the deposit, the salesperson’s job is to sign a contract with the local manufacturer (usually by WeChat and email, and not directly go to the supplier to sign) and confirm the packaging information such as the carton mark. The work for this order is over and then we continue to talk about the order with other customers. Salesperson or a third party before the hot water bottles are produced and ready to be transported to the port

The quality inspectors will go to the manufacturer to have a look the hot water bottle (many companies do not have this part work), and the trading company will pay the manufacturer a month or more after the hot water bottles are shipped.

The hot water bottle trading company's contact windows are mainly hot water bottle manufacturers, opp/cpp/poly bag manufacturers, corrugated box manufacturers, paper instruction manufacturers, Hot water bottle cover manufacturer(local and some factories locate at Tianchang,Anhui) inspection agencies, freight forwarding companies, and banks.

The staff of trading companies sit in front of office computers more than 95% of the working time.

Fatal flaws of hot water bottle trading companies

1. The salesperson is not familiar with the hot water bottle and only pays attention to the rubber content

2. The salesperson is not familiar with the factory operation process, does not know the progress of the order, and often does not know who the final manufacturer of the hot water bottle is

3. The salesperson is only responsible for receiving orders without paying attention to quality control

4. During the production process, the employees of the trading company rarely go to the factory to check the quality, just simply look at the appearance of the hot water bottle before shipment

5. The sales staff frantically lowered prices in an attempt to squeeze every penny of profit. The end result is that the manufacturer can only reduce the quality of the product to gain profit

6. The local trading company in Yangzhou hardly pays any deposit to the manufacturer and the billing period has been delayed for a long time, leading to the loss of many high-quality suppliers

7. The manufacturers of trading companies are almost not fixed. The most troublesome thing is the small quantity and many specifications of orders. Many manufacturers are unwilling to accept this type orders and can only put them to some small workshops, and the quality is not guaranteed.



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