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India hot water bag supply chain truth at China

Indian hot water bag supply chain are worth analyzing.

The moment importers contacted the hot water bag factory directly, they fell into a trap carefully planned by the trading company and soho. Hot water bottle export business are directly manipulate by trading company.

How do Chinese hot water bag suppliers make a lot of money from them?

Hot water bottle also called hot water bag in India, clients from India prefer import from manufacturer directly, even they are working with trader as long as they identify the manufacturer they will abandon the trader. They spend lots of time sourcing hot water bag supplier at alibaba.com so what is Chinese supplier's counter measure? Lots of trading company and soho make agreement with factory to use factory names to register stores in alibaba and upload many factory photos to increase trust. The factory address and factory name are true, but their real office address is in other places. Generally, these factories are specialized in BS hot water bottles.

Of course, there are also some small local private trading companies affiliated with large, well-reputed state-controlled trading companies.

Another response is that trading companies claim to own shares in factories, the truth being that trading companies have nothing to do with factories. There is a point that needs to be made clear and that owning a share does not mean having an advantage in price, because own share means manufacturer paying dividends in fiscal years.

Manufacturing BS hot water bottle and manufacturing non BS hot water bottle are whole different thing. Let's have a look why BS hot water bottle manufacturer doesn't touch non BS bottles.

BS bottle vulcanization time between 150-240 seconds, India hot water bag vulcanization time between 60-70 seconds. Factory used vulcanizing machine to make one BS hot water bottle, equal to making at least 3 Indian hot water bags, this increased the use of mold and vulcanizing machine, reduced it's service life.

The cloesed rubber mixing machine for BS bottle equiped Vacuum cleaner, yet the machine for India hot water bottle bag hasn't. Formula for making a BS hot water bottle requires a high degree of cleanliness or the rubber will be contaminated with stains. This require s investment to machines.

Every hot water bag factory has a fixed filling aperture and screw stopper supplier(Few hot water bottle factories produce these products themselves), after you check India hot water bottle's stopper and filling aperture structure you will find their screw stopper actually made by half mod(The mould is divided into two halves, then stick together, pressure hold time is only 5 seconds), it's easily broken. BS hot water bottle stopper is overall injection molding, pressure hold time is 10 seconds, What's more, there's reinforcement inside, very strong and durable. Without calculating the mold cost, the filling aperture and stopper price of these 2 type hot water bags has 20% gap. There are also factories that specialize in making Indian hot water bags to make BS hot water bottles from molds that make Indian hot water bags for more profit, but continue to use the stopper and filling aperture of Indian hot water bags to save the cost of revamping the molds.

When you visit hot water bag factory you will see Horizontal or vertical storage tanks(mostly made by carbon steel), These tanks contain oil. Factories that produce BS hot water bottles are not of the same grade as those that produce Indian hot water bags. The oil used in Indian hot water bags has a lot of sediment. Until a few years ago, the supply of oil at Shiqiao's hot water bottle factory was monopolized by a boss driving a silver Buick, but in the past two years new suppliers have emerged, with higher oil purity. Some ordinary hot water bag factories have also started to use more refined oil so they can taking BS bottle orders.

And the most important reason is profit, the profit of BS hot water bottle is at least twice that of indian hot water bag. The profit will be higher if the factory use natural rubber storaged for a long time instead of new birth produced natural rubber.

At India hot water bag's supply chain, manufacturer is vulnerable parties, because trader(trading company or soho or BS bottle manufcturer) in order to maximizing benefits they cut real manufacturer price especially reduce rubber content. Usually the supplier will tell Indian customer the rubber content of hot water bag is 20%,25% or even 30%, but the real rubber content is 18-22%, we have seen the lowest rubber content is 15%.

Real order flow is divided into the following categories

India importer - trading company - BS bottle factory - India bag factory

India importer - trading company - India bag factory

India importer - trading company - soho - India bag factory(Trading companies outside of Yangzhou usually do this way, such as trading company at Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing)

India importer - BS bottle factory - India bag factory

India importer - soho - india bag factory

India importer - trading company - India bag factory - soho(Usually the production capacity of the factory that produces  India hot water bag is not large, and the delivery date cannot be guaranteed when there are too many orders, so the owner will return the order to soho)

BoFaTe International represent a group of samll, elite and honest natural rubber hot water bottle manufacturing resource, here we do our best protect every importer's rights.



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