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Secrects in hot water bottle samples making

It is a loss for any Hot water bottle factory to make samples, and it takes a lot of time to work.

Mold works

In order to make a sample, the factory needs to send the mold of the hot water bottle to the supplier for three parts modification

The first part of the work is to cover the original hot water bottle trademark of the external mold, and then make the new customer’s trademark information

The second part of the work is to cut off the core rod of the inner mold, match the new stopper and filling aperture, and remake the core rod.

If the customer needs to place the trademark or warning message on the body of the bag instead of the neck, a complete set of new molds needs to be made

Stopper and filling aperture

Most real BS1970:2012 hot water bottles and all fake BS1970:2012 hot water bottles use stoppers with diameters of 18mm, 19mm and 20mm. Only high quality standard hot water bottles are matched with stoppers with a diameter of 21mm.

The stopper of the same size is divided into normal and internal enhanced versions, no matter which size is changed, it must be cut off the core rod of the inner mold, match the new stopper and filling aperture, and remake the core rod.

Mixed rubber

At present, the mainstream hot water bottle colors are white, red and blue. If customers need other colors of hot water bottles, the factory need to make special mixed rubber. Considering that customers may conduct tests, the mixed rubber formula needs to be adjusted, specifically related to the content of natural rubber and the grade of rubber oil.

It must be pointed out that the number of samples required by the customer is very small, but the production of mixed rubber is calculated according to batches. A batch of at least 20-30 hot water bottles can be made, which is a waste for the factory. That is reason so many factories will buy ready-made mixed rubber from other hot water bottle factories in order to avoid this waste.

Vulcanization machine

In order to make samples, the vulcanization machine that is undergoing mass production tasks must be stopped, and the mold must be replaced before the samples can be made. This part takes at least half an hour. When the sample making is finished, the original mold will be replaced. During this time, the electricity bill for the vulcanization machine is extremely unreasonable.

Vulcanization Employee

All vulcanization workers calculate their wages based on the number of hot water bottles produced. During this time, the number of hot water bottles produced by the workers is also very small, so the workers are not willing to make samples.


No matter what the calculation is, the factory will lose money to make samples, and it is understandable that many hot water bottle factories are unwilling to make samples.



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