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The limitations of the BS test report 2

Rubber oil

In the test of BS1970:2012 and previous versions, no attention was paid to rubber oil. The following is the current practice in most Hot water bottle factories. The prepared rubber oil (the container is a barrel) that will be used for mixing rubber and chemical substances is added to the waste engine oil purchased from the market.

High-purity KN4006 rubber oil is not cheap. Even ordinary KN4006 can ensure the stability of the hot water bottle during the vulcanization process. Adding waste engine oil will produce sediment. The reason for this way is to save money. This will not affect the test results of BS1970:2012, but long-term use of these hot water bottle will affect the health of consumers

vulcanization time

The vulcanization time of the hot water bottle body depends on the chemical formula. The vulcanization time of the BS1970:2012 hot water bottle has a wide range, from 150 seconds to 240 seconds. The longer the time, the higher the production cost, and the better the quality of the hot water bottle (lower the vulcanization temperature as much as possible). The longer the vulcanization time, the higher the wages paid to the vulcanization workers. This is not reflected in BS1970:2012

Bottom vulcanization

The bottom vulcanization (also called bottom welding) of the hot water bottle shows the technology and reliability of the hot water bottle manufacturer

The force on the bottom of the hot water bottle is different from the force on the body of the bottle. Unlike the one-time injection molding of PVC hot water bottle, the rubber hot water bottle produced in China is vulcanized twice (the first vulcanization is to manufacture the bag body, and the second vulcanization Is the bottom of the manufacturing). The bottom rubber formula of all Indian hot water bottles and fake BS hot water bottles is exactly the same as the rubber formula of the bottle body but the thickness is different. High-quality BS hot water bottle bottom rubber uses a special formula (different from the bottle body formula), which is expensive. BS1970:2012 does not clearly point out this key point. Most BS hot water bottles still use the same chemical formula as the body of the bottle to save money.

Long hot water bottle, neck hot water bottle, heart hot water bottle

The current BS1970:2012 is only applicable to traditional shape rubber hot water bottles and PVC hot water bottles, not long hot water bottles, neck hot water bottles and heart hot water bottles

Chemical ingredients

The ingredients for Indian hot water bottles and fake BS hot water bottles are natural rubber, stearic acid, accelerator D, accelerator M, accelerator DM (used in summer), rubber oil, Calcium carbonate, accelerator TT, dye (usually a single dye), zinc oxide, sulfur. There are 16-18 kinds of chemical ingredients for real British Standard 1970:2012 hot water bottle. It must be pointed out that the ingredients for hot water bottles made in summer and winter are different.

BS1970:2012 has never clearly stipulated the ingredients of hot water bottles. At least 95% of hot water bottles export from China do not contain antioxidants. Therefore, we recommend that the service life of hot water bottles is 1 year.

Vulcanizing machine

The larger the tonnage of the vulcanizing machine, the better the effect of producing hot water bottles. The larger the area of the operating table, the larger the size of the hot water bottle can be produced.
The production of long hot water bottles requires at least 200 tons of vulcanizing machines, while most factories still use 100-150 tons of vulcanizing machines to produce classic rubber hot water bottles.

Just like I said at other article India hot water bag supply chain truth, how these China so called supplier made a lot of money from India importers, following is how they made a lot of money from BS hot water bottle importers. When these factories was madly pressed by the trading company, the factory began to make some fake BS hot water bottles mixed into real BS hot water bottles.

We believe the real success comes from help our clients do what they want to do, not what we want to do, in another word, what is it you are trying to accomplish here?

If you are looking for best price, after read the article, I hope you can avoid being raped by these hot water bottle suppliers.

If you are looking for high quality hot water bottles, after read the article, I hope you can avoid being fooled by these hot water bottle suppliers.



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