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The truth about fake BS hot water bottle

There are a large number of fake BS Hot water bottles circulating around the world, whether it is New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, especially European countries. Even in the hot water bottle heaven in England, there are still many wholesalers, distributors, and retailers sell these fake BS hot water bottles.

The formula of these fake BS hot water bottles is the same as the formula of Indian hot water bottles, except that the rubber content is a little higher. The rubber content of hot water bottles in some Central and Southern European countries is even the same as that of Indian hot water bottles.

The difference in compression cost from other suppliers is that the fake BS hot water bottle supplied by BoFaTe has added antioxidants/Anti-aging agent to its formula to increase its service life. And we use better rubber oil.

Many burns are caused by fake BS hot water bottles. The real BS hot water bottle has 16-18 ingredients and antioxidants, while the fake BS hot water bottle has only 11 raw materials and the vulcanization time is almost half of the real BS hot water bottle.

Many retailers claim that they have a warranty up to 2-3 years on their hot water bottle product introduction pages. There is even a British hot water bottle brand that has a warranty of 5 years on their product page. There is no anti-aging agent in the formula of these hot water bottles. If used for 5 years, the end result is that the hot water bottle leaks and causes burns.

Many retailers do not know that they are not selling real BS hot water bottles. A very important point is that they believe that the heavier the hot water bottle, the better the quality. An important point in the formulation of a hot water bottle is: the higher the rubber content, the less calcium carbonate content, the smaller the weight of the hot water bottle/the lower the rubber content, the more calcium carbonate content, the greater the weight of the hot water bottle.



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