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Category - Long hot water bottle

Category - Long hot water bottle

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Strictly speaking, long Hot water bottle does not apply to BS 1970:2012

At present, the common 72cm long hot water bottle on the market weighs 500 grams and the thickness of the bag body is 1.9mm

BoFaTe International supply ultra-thick long hot water bottles with a length of 76cm, body thickness of 2.1-2.2mm and a weight of 650 grams. Designed for durable and reliable. Compared with other long hot water bottle suppliers, the filling aperture of all our long hot water bottles is painted with Chemlock 6150 to ensure safety. In addition to the 76cm long hot water bottle, we also supply 55cm short hot water bottle.

At present, the market of long hot water bottle is extremely chaotic, whether it is the European sales market or Chinese suppliers. Let's explore the supply chain of long hot water bottle together. A total of 56 companies in the UK currently import rubber hot water bottles directly from China. Among these 56 importers, more and more companies are beginning to come into contact with long hot water bottles, but they have shown completely different attitudes. Some importers hold a conservative attitude towards long hot water bottles. Their sales of long hot water bottles are not ideal, but there are also some importers whose sales of long hot water bottles are very hot. For importers, the most important point for choosing long hot water bottle suppliers is the reliability of the supply chain and an experienced Hot water bottle cover supplier.

There are currently 56 companies in the UK that import rubber hot water bottles, but the size and detailed specification of the long hot water bottle exceeds dozen, which is abnormal. Bin Li's family participated in the research and development of the first generation of long hot water bottle molds. At that time, the mold was only to enlarge the size of the classic 2L hot water bottle mold, change the shape of the bottom, and use large-tonnage vulcanization equipment, which was not particularly difficult. At present, the mold of the long hot water bottle has undergone great changes, with a frame-type conjoined structure, Teflon coating, and direct demolding on the top, without the need to separate the mold core.

According to the mold, the manufacturers of long hot water bottles are divided into two types, one is a factory that can produce long hot water bottles, and the other is a factory that can produce long hot water bottles on a large scale, the difference between these two types of factories is huge. The first type of factory is just an ordinary rubber hot water bottle factory that has purchased 1-2 large tonnage vulcanizers, and the production and supply system is exactly the same as that of ordinary hot water bottles, this kind of factory is characterized by small investment and low production volume. According to the characteristics of long hot water bottles, the second type of factory has completely changed the plant facilities and supply system. Everything is to ensure the large scale production of long hot water bottles. This kind of factory uses the most advanced large-scale frame type conjoined structure mold, large-scale vulcanization equipment, in order to be able to bear the weight of the mold must be equipped with bridge crane. The number of vulcanizers cannot be less than 2, and the total investment is at least 1.5 million RMB.

The biggest difference between the long hot water bottle and the classic 2L hot water bottle is the cover, the classic 2L hot water bottle can be sold without a cover, but the long hot water bottle must be equipped with a cover when selling, so the core of the long hot water bottle sales problem has returned to the hot water bottle cover supply chain in China. The classic 2L hot water bottle sold in Europe has 3 types of covers, but not all of these 3 types of covers are suitable for long hot water bottles. The cheapest fleece fabric hot water bottle cover is the least suitable for long hot water bottle. Knitted cover, plush animal toy cover and faux fur cover are currently three mainstream covers of long hot water bottles.

The most difficult one is plush toy animal covers, plush animal toy cover is used with classic 750ml and classic 1000ml hot water bottles, mainly because the proportions of animals’ heads, hands and legs are the most coordinated. If paired with classic 2L hot water bottles, the abdomen and overall proportions of many animals are not in harmony, which will affect Beautiful. The animal cover with long hot water bottle also needs to be carefully selected and designed. Not every hot water bottle supplier can complete this kind of work. Now many trading companies also subcontract long bottle cover orders to different factories. The most fundamental reason is that only a few factories can independently complete the design, sample production and mass production of the difficult animal cover.



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