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Hot Water bottles

  • Category - India hot water bag
Category - India hot water bag

Category - India hot water bag

  • hot water bag
  • hot water bottle
  • heat water bag
  • hand warmer
  • Product description: Manufacturer of Hot Water Bottles - Hot Water bags and Ice Bag offered by BoFaTe International

Standard India hot water bag, standard 2L, weight 310-330 grams, small size stopper and filling aperture. The ingredients of the bag body are natural rubber, stearic acid, accelerator D, accelerator M, accelerator DM (used in summer), rubber oil, Calcium carbonate, accelerator TT, dye (usually a single dye), zinc oxide, sulfur. Unlike the crazy cost savings of other suppliers, coumarone indene resin is also added to the bottom ingredients of all India hot water bags supplied by BoFaTe, and we do not use longtime stocked cheapper rubber.

India hot water bag standard packaging is a sticker with the importer's information on the OPP bag.



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