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Hot Water bottles

Category - Anti-fading hot water bottle

  • natural rubber hot water bottle
  • hot water bag
  • heat water bag
  • hand warmer
  • Product description: Wholesale suppliers of Hot Water Bottles

BoFaTe may be the only supplier that offers anti-fading Hot water bottles. Use the technology of the shoe industry to resist the fading and yellowing of the white hot water bottle.

Completely in accordance with the national test standard HG/T 3689-2014 for rubber footwear, the test method is HG/T 3689-2014, method B, the sample is irradiated with ultraviolet rays within an integer multiple of 6h or 6h (usually 24 hours) Observe the changes in the color of the sample surface. At the end of the test, perform a color change rating under the D65 light source, and select the worst result as the final result.



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