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Hot Water bottles

  • Preview - Hot water bottle
  • Preview - Hot water bottle
Preview - Hot water bottlePreview - Hot water bottle

Preview - Hot water bottle

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  • Product description: BoFaTe International are recognized as leading supplier of a wide assortment of Both Side Ribbed Rubber Hot Water Bottles, One Side Plain Hot Water Bottles, Both side Plain Rubber Hot Water Bags manu

The Hot water bottle is divided into classic style (rectangle), long style, and customized style (such as heart shape, pentagram shape) according to the shape.

The conventional rubber content percentage is 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%(British Standard 1970:2012). The conventional volume has 500ML, 750ML, 1,000ML, 1,500ML, 1,750ML, 2,000ML, 2,500ML model

Regarding the hot water bottle’s stopper, from the end of the 20 century to the beginning of 21 century, the transition process of materials was iron, copper, ABS engineering plastics, nylon, and polypropylene. Filling aperture material option just copper and Nylon. The most expensive material option is copper, and the most complicated manufacturing process is also copper. Rubber and metal cannot be connected directly, they need to be connected through an adhesive. Chemlok 250 was used many years ago, Now is Chemlok 6150 model. The copper material will have green rust on the surface after a period of use. The most widely used material combinations are: polypropylene / stopper + nylon / filling aperture. During vulcanization, the temperature of the rubber compound is between 165-170 degrees Celsius(BS1970:2012), the melting point of nylon(Polyamide) is 240 degrees Celsius, and the melting point of polypropylene is 183 degrees Celsius. For reasons such as cost balance, health, and ease of production, this material combination is the current mainstream.

Mold is the top priority in the manufacturing process of hot water bottles. From hand-made molds at the end of the 20th century to molds made by CNC machining now, from the previous 45# steel to the current P20 special mold steel, the hot water bottle mold technology has undergone many changes. From the single style mold of 45# steel used at the beginning to the compound structure of P20 steel with Teflon coating, the service life of the hot water bottle mold is greatly increased, and the labor intensity of the workers is also reduced.

The complexity of the hot water bottle business is that different purpose client has different requirements for the hot water bottle. It can be used for medical purposes, to relieve pain or for enema, it can be used to cool down in summer, and it can keep the body warm when skiing in winter, Can also be used for household, We can provide customers with customized solutions to save customers' costs

Rubber hot water bottle business’s success base on supply chain, color, thickness, weight, surface texture, outer package, bottle’s cover, Need for the cooperation of various service suppliers. This is also the core value of BoFaTe, we can reach any service providers of hot water bottle supply chain within 20 minutes.

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