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Inflatable rubber ring cushion

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  • Preview - Rubber ring
  • Preview - Rubber ring
Preview - Rubber ringPreview - Rubber ringPreview - Rubber ring

Preview - Rubber ring

  • Inflatable cushion
  • Rubber cushion
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  • Product description: China rubber ring rubber cushion inflatable cushion supplier manufacturer

As important medical rubber products, Rubber ring aka Inflatable rubber cushion’s manufacturing process are similar like rubber Hot water bottle’s, The difference is that making the rubber ring requires two cooperating workers to operate at the same time, while the hot water bottle only needs one worker to operate the vulcanizing machine.

Another difference is the vulcanizing time. The vulcanization time of making inflatable cushion is little bit shorter than that of making hot water bottles.

The conventional inflatable ring diameter

35cm  40cm  42.5cm  43cm  45cm

According to inflating methods, there are two types of air cushions. One is an air cushion that is inflated by manual pump, the other is directly inflated with mouth. The valve cores structure of the two air cushions are different.

The quality inspection method of rubber ring cushion is similar to that of hot water bottle. Compressed air is injected into the inflatable rubber cushion through an air compressor. The rubber seat cushion body shall show no visible leakage when inflate with air to pressure of 14 kpa, then let stand overnight and check for leaks the next day.

The rubber ring that has passed the quality inspection will be coated with a layer of silicone oil to prevent surface aging and discoloration, This is the same as a hot water bottle’s process.

Although the common color is red, you can get any color you want by adjusting the formula, such as blue, green, yellow, black.

The quality of the rubber ring is very stable. In addition to the very small number of manufacturers, it is also because the action of removing the inflatable ring from the mould core is similar to the action of removing the former hot water bottle from the inner mould core 20 years ago. Once the rubber content percentage of the rubber ring is less than 35% and separated from the inner core, the air cushion will be torn.



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