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  • Category - BS1970:2012 hot water bottle
Category - BS1970:2012 hot water bottle

Category - BS1970:2012 hot water bottle

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  • Product description: Wholesale suppliers of 1000ML and 2000ML Hot Water Bottle

BoFaTe offers 2 different BS1970:2012 rubber Hot water bottles, which represent 2 different markets and customers. The first type is the ordinary BS1970:2012 hot water bottle, which is very common in the UK market. British brand companies/importers purchase this BS1970:2012 hot water bottle from China and sell it to wholesalers, and then sell them to retailers. Of course, there are also many large retailers that directly import this kind of hot water bottle from China. The other BS hot water bottle we provide is mainly provided to high-end luxury brands. In addition to meeting the common BS1970:2012 standard, it also meets EN13472 AZO, 16P, SCCP, PAHS18, EN71 1-3, 2019. This kind of hot water bottle exists to compete with the products of the three major hot water bottle companies in Germany

Here we only discuss the rubber BS1970:2012 hot water bottle, and does not involve PVC BS1970:2012 hot water bottle, because the supply chain of PVC hot water bottle is not in Shiqiao Town.

For buyers of natural rubber hot water bottle products from any company in Europe, it is far more important to understand the supply chain of BS1970:2012 rubber hot water bottles than to know its price. I use a claim case that occurred in the first half of 2021 to explain the importance of understanding the BS1970:2012 hot water bottle supply chain. In 2021, a hot water bottle trading company M and a hot water bottle factory H filed a lawsuit with a compensation amount of up to 10 million yuan (approximately 1.4 million U.S. dollars according to the US dollar exchange rate at the time). When the importer received the hot water bottles produced by this hot water bottle factory, they found that many hot water bottles were stuck together, and the hot water could not enter the hot water bottles at all. Finally, the importer claims against the trading company, and the trading company can only claim against the factory. When the business was at its best, this factory loaded 6 40’ containers a day, and now there is almost no much business. On the Alibaba company page of this trading company, it is clearly written in which year the company was established, in which year the hot water bottle factory was established, and in which year the cover factory was established. These are just another camouflage.

Just like we said at the blog India hot water bag supply chain truth at China, the moment importers contacted the hot water bottle factory directly, they fell into a trap carefully planned by the trading company and soho. Hot water bottle export business is directly manipulated by trading company.

There are three types of rubber hot water bottle factories. The first type is factory that specializes in the production of low rubber content hot water bottles such as India hot water bottles. The second is a factory that produces both India hot water bottles fake BS hot water bottles and real BS hot water bottles, the third is specialized Factory producing BS hot water bottles. These three different hot water bottle factories correspond to three completely different supply chains.

The factories that produce India hot water bottles choose the cheapest stopper and filling aperture, specifically the smallest size and the thinnest thickness. The plastic hooks used in this kind of factory is also a small sized hook, and the thickness is also very thin, easy broken. Most of the orders of the second type of factory are hot water bottles with low rubber content, but also produce BS rubber hot water bottles. Their supply chain is similar to that of the first type of factory. For customers who import less than 100,000 pcs BS hot water bottles per year, the second type of factory is a very good choice, but it also has fatal flaws. Because this kind of factory will reduce the cost as much as possible to use cheap rubber oil, cheap stopper and filling aperture, and even use fake BS molds to produce real BS hot water bottles. But this kind of factory is easy to arrange orders temporarily and it is also easy to communicate. The third type of hot water bottle factory specializes in the production of BS hot water bottles, everything for BS1970:2012 hot water bottles. This kind of factory is only suitable for importers that purchase more than 100,000 BS hot water bottles each year and it is difficult to communicate. If you choose this kind of factory as a supplier, you must contact at least 4 months in advance. Usually after the end of the Chinese New Year but before normal operations, the order production schedule for one year will be scheduled.

As a factory specializing in the production of BS hot water bottles, at least 6 conditions are required. The first point is enough production equipment, especially hot water bottle body vulcanizing machine. Most of the factories that produce BS hot water bottles have a production capacity of 5,000-7,000 pcs hot water bottles per 24 hours. According to this scale, they can produce 300 days a year and can only produce 2.1 million hot water bottles at most.

The second point is the mold. All molds must be BS specific molds. Real BS1970:2012 hot water bottles cannot be produced with fake BS modified molds because the thickness of the hot water bottles is inconsistent.

The third point is that there must be very powerful post processing capabilities, After the body of the hot water bottle is made, the bottom welding work needs to be carried out as soon as possible, which requires enough bottom vulcanizers.

The fourth point is that there must be a large enough factory building, especially a warehouse. If there is not a large enough factory building, there is no space to complete the inflation test for leaks and packaging.

The fifth point is that we must have enough Employees and high stability. Not every worker who produces hot water bottles can make BS hot water bottles, with super high rubber content and super long bottle body vulcanization time, these are quite hard for the workers. For a large factory, at least 10 packing workers and 5 inflatable leak detection workers are required.

The sixth point is that it must be equipped with relevant testing equipment. Most hot water bottle factories only have tensile test equipment and do not have more vulcanization process quality inspection equipment. The same rubber, different formulations, and different vulcanization process control produce completely different quality hot water bottles

Many importers have special requirements for their suppliers. For example, they need many certificates, which are used to judge the ability of partners and social responsibilities such as BSCI certification, but these certificates are almost useless. Take the BSCI certificate as an example. This certificate will show the detailed address of the factory or even the GPS coordinates, the number of employees, and the legal rights of the employees. These certificates do not protect the rights of importers. First of all, the importers cannot confirm that the production of the hot water bottles is made by the hot water bottle factory on the certificate. Second, except for my partner factories, the wages of the employee in the hot water bottle factory are not paid every month, and the wages of the workers in other hot water bottle factories are settled end of the year. If employee need money in the middle of year, they can ask the boss for advance part of payment.

In order to cooperate with the trading company to get the importer’s order, the factory needs to pay a lot of money to apply for these certifications. It is not difficult to understand the attitude of the factory that specializes in the production of BS hot water bottles when dealing with different quantities of orders. Large orders are welcome, small orders with customized requirements are rejected, and small orders without customized requirements are welcome. Usually small orders with a quantity of less than 20,000 are directly diverted to ordinary hot water bottle factories (Many importers may not believe it. The best example is that there was a hot water bottle company called sunflower. When the company went bankrupt, the boss owed at least 5 million in payment, of which 2 million was owed to the owner of a hot water bottle factory).

The hot water bottle factory is only responsible for the production and packaging of hot water, not for coordinating the Hot water bottle cover. All hot water bottle covers are purchased by trading companies (Only facing the Chinese domestic market will the hot water bottle factory directly purchase covers from the hot water bottle cover factory). It should be noted here that some trading companies claim to have hot water bottle cover factory, there are three types of hot water bottle cover factories. The first one is fleece hot water bottle covers factory, located in Shiqiao Town. The second type is faux fur fabric hot water bottle covers factory, this type of factory is also located in Yangzhou City. The third type is knitted hot water bottle covers factory, most of these factories are not in Shiqiao Town, but in Tianchang City, Anhui Province.

The biggest lie that currently exists in the BS1970:2012 rubber hot water bottle industry is that many Chinese trading companies claim that the rubber content of the hot water bottle is 55%, but the actual situation is that the real rubber content of the BS1970:2012 rubber hot water bottle exported from China is about 50%. because this rubber content has been able to meet the minimum requirements of the BS1970:2012 tensile test. With the best formula team and the cooperation of premium quality rubber supplier, the tensile test result of the real 55% rubber content hot water bottle provided by BoFaTe has exceeded almost twice the BS1970:2012 standard. This has also been confirmed by German customers. With stable performance and reliable quality, it competes with the three major hot water bottle brands in the German market.

We are able help clients not only make better decisions and start automate key functions but what we really giving them intelligence they need to optimize their hot water bottles supply chain and drive trust & transparency.



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