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Hot Water Bottle Covers

  • Category - Fleece hot water bottle covers
Category - Fleece hot water bottle covers

Category - Fleece hot water bottle covers

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  • fleece fabric hot water bottle cover
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  • Product description: fleece fabric hot water bottle covers are the most economical hot water bottle covers, and there is a large number of them in the market

At present, the Hot water bottle cover that is most circulating in the market is made of fleece fabric.

Among the three types of Hot water bottle covers, the single-sided fleece hot water bottle cover has the cheapest price and the simplest production, with almost no requirements for production equipment. As long as you have a sewing machine and a pair of scissors, you can make fleece fabric hot water bottle cover.

Single-sided fleece is a kind of fabric very suitable for making hot water bottle cover. It is cheap and soft to the touch.

The price of this fabric was higher when it was first introduced to make hot water bottle covers (the labor cost in the past was much lower than it is now), and disorderly market competition caused various suppliers to lower their prices. The extremely low price directly leads to the low quality of the product. At present, the covers of this fabric are divided into two genres. The first is the ultra-low price and poor quality. The second is high price and good quality. Undoubtedly, most of them are the first cheap covers.

The vast majority of fleece hot water bottle covers are not produced in formal factories, but self-employed individuals complete the final production process. Currently the largest supplier of fleece hot water bottle cover is zhi yong Zhang. He drove a black Audi A6L, He was a tailor before start hot water bottle cover business. His supply chain is very simple, everything is to reduce costs. When he received an order from trading companies, he went to the fabric market to buy fabrics (only fabrics). When the fabrics were shipped back to his factory, he used electric scissors to cut the fabrics to the size of the hot water bottle. The third step is to cut the fabrics. Transported to different self-employed, and finally the self-employed completes the sewing work (the elasticity and sewing thread are provided by the self-employed). He does not need to pay employees' wages, insurance and benefits, does not need to provide elastic and sewing thread, does not need sewing equipment, everything designed to reduce costs. This is characterized by low price and low reliable supply chain. It can only produce the simplest hot water bottle cover, but can’t produce complex hot water bottle covers.

The other type of supplier focuses on quality. Both fleece fabrics and elastic sewing threads are of high standards and are produced in real factories. The fleece hot water bottle cover manufactured by such suppliers can reach 16P, EN71 standards. There are not many high-quality fleece fabrics hot water bottle covers circulating in the market. The main products of this type of supplier are actually complex animal shape covers, fleece covers are just one of their products.

At present, the most circulating fleece hot water bottle covers on the market are made with the so-called 160GSM, but there is an error of 5 grams in the production of fabrics, so the real square weight is 155-165GSM, in order to reduce the cost, most of the real grams of fleece fabric is 150-155GSM. Cheap and expensive fleece fabric hot water bottle covers look almost same from the outside, the only difference is the touch feeling and weight. After 1-2 months of use, the surface of the cheap fleece cover gets full of pills.  When hot water bottle suppliers receive inquiries and orders from importers, they will always form inertia or mind-sets. They always think that the fleece fabric cover needed for this customer’s hot water bottle is the most common and cheapest one. In fact, fleece fabric There are many choices, but we have ignored them

One thing we have forgotten is that the fleece fabric cover can be used with covers made of other fabrics, just like pillow cushion. Use fleece covers as the inner liner, and use the combination of the outside with the animal-shaped hot water bottle cover to extend the heat preservation time of the hot water bottle.



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